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The Kansas Communities That Care survey is provided by the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services, Behavioral Health Services Commission and administered by Greenbush – The Southeast Kansas Education Service Center, Research and Evaluation Department.


What does the KCTC Student Survey cover?

The focus of the student survey is on health risk behaviors, social-emotional development, and identifying predictors of problematic and positive behavior.

Topics covered in the KCTC Student Survey:

  • Support at school 

  • Alcohol use

  • Tobacco use

  • Drug use

  • Vaping

  • Depression/suicide

  • Bullying


How the survey benefits communities:

Overall, the goal is to identify the factors that increase the risk of a problem developing for students, and then find ways to reduce the risk. With the information gathered in the survey, districts and communities get an accurate assessment of their students’ needs.  The school also uses this information to help guide the activities of the JCYC youth groups and for funding from Jackson County Commissioners to help stop youth destructive behaviors in our county.


KCTC Student Survey core questions – The core survey contains all questions pertaining to CTC Risk and Protective Factors including sections on demographics and school climate, peer influences, drug, alcohol, tobacco usage, and community-based perceptions.


Link:  KCTC-Student-Survey-Question-Items-Core-Survey-English

Link:  KCTC-Student-Survey-Question-Items-Core-Survey-SPANISH


Family Domain Optional Module – This module contains approximately thirty-five questions to determine things like a student’s view of parents’ attitudes toward drugs and alcohol.


Link:  Family-Domain-Optional-Module-Question-Items-English

Link:  Family-Domain-Optional-Module-SPANISH


Depression/Suicide Optional Module – This module contains four questions about depression and suicide ideation and attempt. It is not a suicide risk assessment or suicide screening tool. 


• During the past 12 months, did you ever feel so sad or hopeless almost every day for two weeks or more in a row that you stopped doing some usual activities? 

• Have you ever seriously thought about killing yourself? 

• Have you ever made a plan about how you would kill yourself? 

• Have you ever tried to kill yourself?


Link:  Depression-Suicide-Optional-Module-English

Link:  Depression-Suicide-Optional-Module-SPANISH

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