In the Spring of 2019, the Holton High School teachers voted to become part of the Kansas Department of Education's Apollo Redesign Project.

So, what is redesign? In order for Kansas to achieve its vision of leading the world in the success of each student, we have to think differently about how we're educating students. Imagine an education system where students have input into the types of projects and activities that help them learn best, increasing their interest and motivation. Where students are engaged in meaningful dialogue with parents and educators to identify their passions and areas of interest. Where they engage in learning that is personalized to their individual preferences and at a pace that ensures they are achieving to their fullest potential.

Kansas is building this education system through its Kansas Can School Redesign Project. Holton High School is joining in to design learning that will increase the likelihood that our students graduate high school and pursue meaningful futures, and we need your help! Take the survey below to help us gather important information that will help move HHS forward.


HHS Redesign Survey

We are asking our most important stakeholders to take a survey that will help us in our redesign efforts. Just click on the link that corresponds with your role at HHS and take a short opinion survey. Your answers are important to us and will help us make important decisions going forward. Thank you for your time and effort on this survey.

Our Redesign Why

The HHS Staff has been hard at work developing our "Why" for Redesign — the driving reason behind wanting to improve our system of education for the better. Individually, we wrote our "why" for redesign, you can see the results of the main ideas of that effort in the word cloud below. Together, we came up with our collective why.

Meet the HHS Team

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